Ultrasonic Soldering Technolgy by MBR ELECTRONICS GmbH

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Soldered Samples

Only a few of the many applications:

All shown applications are executed by MBR ELECTRONIC GmbH ultrasonic soldering systems.
Pictures: all rights reserved by MBR ELECTRONIC GmbH Switzerland.

Germanium Einkristall löten Germanium Monocrystal

Pretinning the edges for contacting purposes.
Belöten einer Edelstahlhülse Special Optics

Soldering a stainless steel sleeve onto a special shaped rod-lens.
Lens diameter 1,8mm, solderfiller gap 0,1mm
Laser Test set-up  Laser Test set-up

A small lens (diameter 3mm) has to be fixed (soldered) onto an AIO plate. The lens is coated at the circumference with NiCr.
copper soldered onto graphite Copper on Graphite

Two copper wire, diameter 1mm, to be soldered into slots carved in a grahite plate of 1mm thickness. Used special high temp solder alloy
solarzellen Contacting of solar cells: Si-Wafer, thin-film-cells, Dye-sensitisised cells
Soldering Niobium coild to a Zerodur rod Contacting of Niob coil to a Zerodur rod
Optische Gläser Tin-coating/metalizing of optical glasses as preparation for a gas tight soldering into a stainless steel support.
Soldering of a Be-Foil onto stainless steel Sensorhead

A Be-foil of 25 µm thickness must be soldered onto a stainless steel cup window, hermetically tight.
Soldering of sprayed titanium structure Sensor

Ultrasonic soldering/contacting a sprayed titanium structure on a ceramic plate.
Aluminium soldered directly onto a PCB Soldering of an aluminium box directly onto the PCB to protect/shield of high frequency radiation.
SMA coax connector soldered with NbTi Semi-Rigid Coax

SMA coax connector (m/f) with Niobium Titanium NbTi coax cable 0,9mm and 1.6mm diameter.
Soldering onto microwave ferrite Microwave Ferrite

Producing a metallized area for contacting.
Hermetical Sealing Hermetical Sealing

Hermetically sealed mechanical joining of gold plated component on a sapphire tube with the USS-9210 ultrasonic soldering system.
Soldering of aluminium carbon fibre Aluminium Carbon Fibre

Partial coating of the aluminium carbon fibre surface with solder alloy.
Soldering ceramic onto stainless steel Ceramic Bearing

Ceramic-Shere diameter 4mm soldered ultrasonically into a stainless steel socket. Half of shere is out of the socket.
Glasfaser in Bronzekopf Glass-Fibre

Vakuum-tight soldering of glass fibre 120 µm into bronce head with bore of 0.5 mm
Soldering titanium to sapphire Titanium to Sapphire

Mechanical joining of titanium rods on sapphire plate with ultrasonic soldering system USS-9210.
fluxfree soldering of stanless steel to Nitinol NiTi Endoscopic Catheter

Flexible catheter, made of stainless steel 304, must be soldered fluxfree to Nitinol NiTi (Nickel/Titanium) alloy.
Soldering copper tube onto aluminium plate Cooler Element

Copper tube diameter 5mm soldered into a carve of an aluminium plate for optimal heat transfer.
joining aluminium wire to a copper litzwire Aluminium Wire

Joining an aluminium wire (small) to a copper litzwire (big) by fluxfree ultrasonic soldering.
Soldering Si-Wafer to Steel Si-Wafer to Steel

A small Si-Wafer (diameter 20mm) is soldered in full area onto a steelplate.
Soldering of sputter target Sputter Target

Sputter target is bonded to a water cooled backing plate. Backing plate is made from copper. The target materials such as W, Ti, Cr, Al, Si, InSnO (ITO), Ce, Ga, Au Pd, Ag etc,
need to be bonded to metallic backing plate.
Quartzglass soldered into a chrome-coated steel housing Vaccum Window

A round quartzglass, diameter 30mm, soldered into a chrome-coated steel housing.
Soldering of saphire glass Saphire Glass

Soldering a rectangular window into a water cooled assembly.
contacting LCD-glass to electronics Welding Helmet

Auto darkening LCD window. Contacting the LCD-glass soldered ultrasonically to the controller electronics.
soldering of dye-sensitized cells Dye-sensitized Cells

With our USS-9210 Ultrasonic Soldering System, contacts can be made onto the glass of organic Perovskite solar cells.
Soldering wires onto NiCr contact lands Flex-Heater NiCr

Wires soldered onto the NiCr contact lands with our ultrasonic soldering system USS-9210.
soldering of SMT LED onto ITO Thin-FIlm ITO on Glass

Soldering with the USS-9210 Ultrasonic Soldering System SMT LED onto a transparent window. ITO coating is structured with tracks, like a PCB.
soldering conductive areas on LCD LCD

Creating conductive areas with flux-free ultrasonic soldering on the glass test samples.
soldering copper wire onto titanium Titanium Cast

Copper wire diameter 0.5mm soldered fluxless with our ultrasonic soldering system USS-9210 to a titanium cast part.
Kupferband auf Aluleiterbahn Copper to Aluminum

Electrical coating of copper wire on a aluminum track on glass-substrate.
Supraleiter Ceramic Carbon Hybrid

Contacts on a ceramic carbon hybrid superconductor.
Diameter of the soldering points: 0.8 mm
piezo auf keramik Applying of the metallisation Ø 20mm with solder in the centre of the aluminum-oxide plate. Producing at the same time a solder terminal/pad outside the piezodisk dimension.

Joining and soldering the piezodisk onto the aluminum oxide plate by heating the parts up to the melting point of the solder alloy.

Soldering of
the connecting wire.
psi Stainless Steel

Joining / soldering of stainless steel parts. Alternative technology to brazing or welding if components may not be heated over 300°C.
sensor Sensor

Fixing of electrical connections on aluminum coating.
transistor Wetting of Aluminm

Soldering of power semiconductors on a cooling element (aluminum, aluminum oxide, ceramic etc) to provide best possible thermical connection.
wolfrahm draht Direct fluxfree tinning/soldering of tungsten (wolfram) wires.