Ultrasonic Soldering Technolgy by MBR ELECTRONICS GmbH

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ULTRASONIC SOLDERING is different. Fluxfree. Corrosionfree.


This soft soldering technology enables direct wetting on ‘hard-to-solder’ metals and also non-metallic (exotic) substrates like glass, ceramics, steel, silicon, aluminum, metal oxides - FLUXFREE! The wetting process simply takes place under normal atmosphere.

Using 'ultrasonic cavitational phenomenon' the oxidised layers on the surface are simply removed and cleaned. This means that the use of any 'flux' is no longer required. In combination with the special active soldering compound CERASOLZER, soldering on glass, ceramic as well as 'hard-to-solder metals' such as Aluminum, stainless steel, Tantalum, metal oxides etc is easy.

An intensified ultrasonic beam generates micro vibrations with a 'brushing effect', which results in a complete removal of the oxid
e layer for immediate wetting with the solder alloy on the surface of the substrate.

With high pressure, the liquid solder is forced efficiently into the tiny crevices, cracks and micro-pores of the substrate and thereby seal them and provide a greatly increased surface of solder for bonding purposes.

Further technical information you will find under 'fields of applications'.


Ultrasonic Soldering Systems USS-series by MBR ELECTRONICS are made in Switzerland Swiss made